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groomers1We understand that for some pets, grooming can be stressful.  Our pet groomers will see that your pet's grooming experience is a happy one. Meet our two groomers Erin and Manda.

MANDA, Professional Pet Groomer

Manda trained at the Oakdale Grooming Class and has been a professional pet groomer for over 10 years.  Her family includes a German shepherd, a yellow labrador, and a schnauzer.  Manda enjoys the outdoors, working with her dogs, baking sweets, and especially spending time with her husband and three children.

ERIN, Professional Pet Groomer

Erin attended Anoka Hennipen Technical College and has been a groomer since 2000.  She, along with her husband Jesse, has two little girls named Averie and Charlie.  They also have 4 pets: an English Spring Spaniel named Frankie; a Shih Tzu mix named Rusty; and 2 cats named Steve and Rita.  Erin's hobbies include reading, camping, and running around with her children.

                                             Pet Grooming Packages

groomers2Ask about our special Pet Grooming Packages. We offer Basic grooming which includes bathing, brushing & nail trimming;  Full service grooming offering a complete range of pet grooming options; and our Spa Package which includes a coat conditioner treatment and teeth brushing. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

To make an appointment for your pet's grooming needs, contact our office.

Call us at: 320-252-0277