Pet Halloween Costumes

As a follow-up to our blog post about Halloween safety, let’s take a moment to talk about pet Halloween costumes. Of course pet costumes can be adorable, but it’s a good idea to make sure they are also safe. If you plan to put a costume on your pet this Halloween, first make sure they are not stressed by it. Make sure all parts fit properly and do not interfere with their movement, sight, or breathing. Ensure that there are no pieces that could be chewed off and ingested. Also, never leave your pet unsupervised while wearing a costume. Here are a few examples of safe and unsafe costumes:

Examples of safe costumes: these costumes have no loose parts and are unlikely to become tangled or chewed. Bandanas and sweaters are also more familiar to pets, so these options may cause less stress. 

Examples of unsafe costumes: these costumes go tightly around the pets’ necks and have many loose parts that could easily become tangled or ingested, which could lead to a foreign body obstruction.   

Please keep these tips in mind when considering your furry friend’s Halloween attire. And as always, please let us know if you have any questions. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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