Making Halloween a Treat


Fall is in the air! That means cozy sweatshirt weather, hot apple cider, pumpkin pies, and of course all the fun that comes with Halloween! We’d like to share a few tips for making this festive holiday safe and fun for your pets as well:

-     Beware of sweets! Keep all Halloween candy out of your pets’ reach, especially any kind containing chocolate or xylitol (a sugar substitute found in gum and some candies), as these are toxic to pets.


-     Make sure your pet has a properly-fitted collar with ID tags, and consider micro-chipping in case your pet should accidentally escape when trick-or-treaters are at the door.


-     Keep glow sticks, lighted jack-o-lanterns, and candles out of reach of pets. Any decorations with electrical cords or ribbons should also be kept away from pets.


-     Strangers coming to your house can be stressful for pets, especially those who are wary of new people and/or doorbells. If your pet becomes stressed or nervous, put them in another room during the time when the trick-or-treaters are coming and going. Provide a calm, quiet environment, toys, and safe hiding places. Be sure to keep all pets inside, as they may become stressed by people in costume outside.


If you have any additional questions about Halloween safety, please give us a call. We wish you and your furry friends a happy and safe Halloween!  


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