Creating a Pet First Aid Kit


We all know how stressful emergencies can be, especially when our beloved pets are involved. Being prepared can help alleviate this stress and could even save your pet’s life. Creating a pet first aid kit is a good way to be make sure you have the essential supplies on hand. It’s as easy as picking up a small tote bag or tool box and filling it with the items listed below. We recommend making several kits and keeping them in convenient locations in your home and car so that the supplies are readily available when you need them.

Supplies include:

-Pet first-aid book for quick reference
-Phone numbers - veterinarian, local emergency clinic, and pet poison hotline
-Your pet’s medical records
-Extra leash and/or muzzle – even the most friendly pets may bite if stressed or in pain
-Pet carrier – or even a pillowcase – to restrain a panicking cat in an emergency
-Gauze pads and rolls
-Self-cling bandage material rolls
-Bandage scissors with blunt ends
-Rectal thermometer and sterile lubricant
-Hydrogen peroxide (can be used to induce vomiting – but be sure to call us for the proper dose before administering)
-Benadryl – again, please consult us for the proper dose before administering
Knowing the signs of distress to watch for is just as important as having the right supplies. Some signs may be obvious, such as loss of consciousness. Others may not be as noticeable, such as pale or blue/purple gum color. If you notice any concerning signs or unusual behavior, please contact us right away and we can evaluate the symptoms further. In an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to start transporting your pet immediately and call en route to let us know you are on the way, so we can be prepared for your arrival. If it’s an after-hours occurrence, the emergency clinic is also available. Please let us know if you have any questions about creating a pet first aid kit. Together we can keep your pets safe and healthy!


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