The Story of Titus......Or What is that Smell?!?


Titus is a sweet and handsome 2-year-old neutered black lab.





When Titus's owners were in with their new kitty for an appointmentin early January, they mentioned to me that Titus's breath had been really bad lately. I had examined Titus within the past 6 weeks and remembered that his owners took excellent care of his teeth. No tartar or gingivitis was found on his exam. We talked about how bad breath could also come from an infected tooth or possibly from something lodged in between his teeth.



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Titus came in for an exam the next week. His mouth did smell unusually bad and the owners mentioned he had been sneezing, too. The sneezing produced discharge which was sometimes blood-tinged. He sneezed after I palpated his nose. He is a very tolerant patient and allowed me to get a good look inside his mouth. No cause of the foul smell was identified. The odor was first noticed mid-October, shortly after a hunting trip. He was otherwise acting normally; no change in appetite or activity level. Titus was scheduled for a rhinoscopy the next morning to get a good look into his nasal passages.


During a rhinoscopy a thin, rigid scope is passed through the nostrils of the anesthetized patient and into the nasal passages. Because this is a highly vascular area, some hemorrhage is expected during this procedure. The area is flushed throughout the procedure to enable better visualization of the structures to identify abnormalities. Biopsies can also be obtained if needed.



Titus's pre-anesthetic bloodwork was within normal limits and he was anesthetized and prepared for his rhinoscopy. Scoping the left side of his nose was uneventful, but an abnornality was seen in the right nasal passage. The abnormal object was grasped and carefully pulled from the nasal passage. We were excited to remove a 3.5 inch stick from Titus's nose.


Titus recovered from anesthesia uneventfully and went home later that afternoon. He continues to do well and, hopefully, will be more careful where he sticks his nose in the future!