Hunting Conditioning


If you have a hunting dog, it’s time to start conditioning them for the upcoming hunting season.   Just like you would not go out and run a marathon without training beforehand, you should not start the hunting season without preparing your dog.  Also, even if you have been active with your dog, keep in mind the types of surfaces they have been on.  Tall grassy areas are a lot different terrain than smooth streets or trails.  Also, if your dog has not been very active, their pads may not be very tough and calloused, so keep an eye on them for excessive wearing, or put boots on your dog, if tolerated.  If you are able to get your dog out on the types of areas they will be hunting in, this would be ideal.  At this time of year, there are no restrictions on public lands for dog training.  Also, county parks or trails are available, but follow rules and restrictions (they may need to be on a leash).  If you have a treadmill at home, this is another option. 

Please keep in mind the warmer temperatures, keep water handy and stop when your dog appears to be tiring.  Injuries are a higher probability when dogs are tired.